Highlighting your information throughout our site is the best way to maximize your return on investment.

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Content highlight campaigns reinforce your online stand strategy

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Grab visitors’ attention with striking new products

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A killer product you want to jump to the top of the list

Launched an innovative new product

An existing line whose sales you want to boost

Product Highlight

Product Highlight – Homepage

  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Highlight your product on our homepage to reach out to our regular visitors
  • Direct traffic directly to the information you want to highlight
  • Promote your new products to a targeted audience
  • Strengthen your brand image as an innovative leader
  • Measurable ROI via the campaign report

Product Highlight – Search Results

  • Set yourself apart from other brands and reach out to visitors looking for a specific product
  • Benefit from additional visibility to visitors looking for a product related to the keyword under which your product is referenced
  • Measurable ROI via the campaign report

 Product Highlight – Newsletter

  • Push your product to a top spot in the lineup
  • Reach a loyal, targeted readership by branch and main interests
  • Highly-effective communication concentrated in a short period
  • Reinforce your message by repeating your message in the context of a global public relations campaign
  • Generate additional sales opportunities
  • Measurable ROI via the campaign report